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Below you will see a selection of woods available for custom orders. Each piece is unique and it is up to you to connect with your piece of preference. By clicking on the chosen piece you will select from a small range of bases that work best with it. Once that is complete, we can begin the creation of your own personalized Palo Audio smart speaker.



matte black marble&metal ON white-living
metal base ON bedroom beach view.jpg


Palo Audio, created by the Brazilian designer Felipe Farme D'Amoed, came from the vision of repurposing wood as a greater message to the way we communicate with nature and its resources. Our mission is to bring you closer to Mother Nature and respectively reflect our relationship with it. 


We work with a variety of partners to provide the best quality of sound in a durable piece of wood that is carefully curated throughout the world in extreme conditions.


Palo takes pride in working closely with local artisans, engineers and technicians to provide you with an immersive piece of art for your home. Enjoy listening to quality music closer to nature. 


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